CoFunder Launch#2

FUNDING FOR NI BUSINESS: The Northern Ireland economy received a welcome boost today with the launch of Northern Ireland’s first dedicated crowdfunding company CoFunder (NI) Ltd which aims to help businesses grow, create jobs and stimulate economic growth. With many businesses in Northern Ireland finding it difficult to secure much needed finance from the banking sector to invest and grow, CoFunder provides an online platform for firms to raise the money they need from a large pool of ‘funders’ on the open market. And with interest rates currently offering savers very little return on their hard earned cash, CoFunder will also provide a viable alternative for individuals or companies to to achieve a better return by investing their money in local businesses and setting their own interest rates. Launching the innovative new company are (l-r) CoFunder (NI) Ltd directors Michael Faulkner, Gavin Gallagher and Aidan Doherty. For more information, click on or call 028 9073 7932.

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