Unlike its placid counterparts on the western side of Barbados, the East Coast is the island’s wild child, boasting an unspoiled charm that makes it a sanctuary for those seeking solace away from the buzz of the Barbados tourist hotspots.

Here, the air is fresher, the pace is slower, and the vistas are even more panoramic.

The East Coast is dotted with dramatic cliffs, rolling hills, and secluded beaches – its natural beauty is both raw and refined. The local culture is palpable in every corner, from the aromatic Bajan cuisine that wafts through the air of small villages to the warm, hearty greetings you’ll receive from the locals in the little rum shops.

It’s an area steeped in history, with stories etched into every rock and reef. This is why I chose one of the most amazing sets of private villas on the island of Barbados – EAST Resort – with concierge service of course!

When you arrive down a small road towards Skeete’s Bay on the eastern coast of Barbados, you pass Mr Skeete’s fish shop.  You see why he is there because this once was a tiny fishing port. You turn right across a stony beach and then you see it: a paved sandstone driveway which leads you up to a small security hut. You give your details, and you are directed past a line of white numbered doors. I was directed to Villa 4139.

As the door was opened it revealed a world inside that was simply breathtaking.

Exquisite decoration, limestone tiles, white walls, and luxurious furnishings.

This is your dining area,” explained Maureen, our EAST concierge, “where you can prepare your own food, however breakfast is included in your stay, and you just order it from the app the day before. It will be delivered when you require it. You can also arrange further food deliveries from The Crane hotel

The villa facilities were nothing short of amazing. We had a fully equipped kitchen with dishwasher, large American fridge, blenders, toaster, kettle and high-quality crockery, and an amazing ceramic BBQ outside on which to BBQ your blackened local fish.

Super quality linens, white of course, beautiful beds and luxurious bathroom and products with a Philippe Starck-shaped bathtub and walk-in shower with floor-to-ceiling door openings, all go to show you are in a fantastic space.

All bathroom products are in refillable dispensers. It is so good for the environment when refillable dispensers are used in a hotel or villa as it is far eco-friendlier and more sustainable for the environment. All the villas have solar water heating panels on the roof and the pools are heated by the sun, how good is that?

Linen and bed changing facilities are on offer and you can ask for towels etc not to be changed every three days, saving even more energy.  Air conditioning is only available in the bedrooms when doors are closed. The villa features two beautifully designed and furnished bedrooms, one of which looks out to the Atlantic Ocean, two luxurious bathrooms, and a divine living area, the doors of which open to reveal a covered dining area adjacent to the infinity pool and hot tub.

This amazing villa made an immediate impression on me.

At EAST, architectural design transcends time and style, seamlessly fusing the clean-lined simplicity and expansive layouts of contemporary architecture with the relaxed comforts reminiscent of a traditional Barbados East Coast beach house. And as you glide through this stunning villa you realise this harmonious union results in spaces that are both inviting and refined, a perfect blend of modern sophistication and coastal warmth.

Every detail within the generously proportioned interiors is meticulously curated, reflecting the grandeur of the outdoors in a beautifully orchestrated dance of design. There are even shutters hiding the smart TVs behind them.

The essence of the natural surroundings is skilfully woven into the fabric of the interiors, offering guests a truly immersive experience that goes beyond walls and ceilings.
Floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors and windows frame sweeping ocean vistas that effortlessly spill into the open-plan dining, living, and kitchen areas. And the barrier between indoors and outdoors dissolves, creating a seamless transition between the sanctuary of home and the captivating allure of the coast.

The villas at EAST are simply stunning. Although they are part of The Crane Resort, they are secluded private villas. So, when staying in EAST you have all the luxury and grandeur of the Crane Resort but with the added privacy of what seems like a private island.

Your concierge is on hand to make your stay epic. During our stay I asked our concierge, Maureen, if there were outlets that sold proper rum punch rather than shop bought examples. She said, “leave it with me to check”. An hour later I discovered a large container of homemade rum punch in my fridge.

Maureen could not have been more helpful. Discreet high-quality service from a real professional. She explained to me how EAST works with the local inhabitants in the area to provide a cohesive relationship where villa guests are happy to purchase from local shops and take a rum or two in the local rum shop. She explained the resort loves to see guests purchasing from the locals as the fish is as fresh as you can get with literally no miles from sea to plate, making for a very good quality product.

EAST was designed to be very different from The Crane Resort but in every way just as spectacular. This eco-luxury villa resort has a terraced, single-story design, with freestanding villas spread across a gently sloping hillside. Each villa is very contemporary with huge glass windows and doors with ocean views, all with infinity edge pools.

The appeal here lies in seclusion as the East Coast is what the West Coast was like perhaps 60 years ago, but it will never change. So, for people who want that lifestyle, who want to bring a good book, to put their feet up, to bask in a beautiful setting with great panoramic views – it’s the perfect place to really get away.














Following the successful Phase 1 opening of 10 Cliff-front Villas in November 2020, the resort is commencing the development of Phase 2. This phase will see the exciting addition of a farm-to-table café and 20 new, luxurious semi-detached Hillside Villas.

So, if you want the beauty and tranquillity of a quiet sea side villa with an infinity pool, concierge service and absolute privacy on one of the most beautiful Islands in the world, you have to try EAST.

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