Chief Superintendent Sam Donaldson from the PSNI’s Operational Support Department launches the Fatal Five initiative.

The PSNI has launched a new initiative today, Tuesday, November 14, urging road users to play their part in keeping safe by familiarising themselves with the ‘Fatal Five’.

The ‘Fatal Five’ are the main reasons why people are dying on our roads.

For each of these, there are five simple rules which road users should follow in order to ensure they stay safe, these are – don’t drink or take drugs and drive; slow down; don’t be careless; always wear your seat belt and never use your mobile phone whilst driving.

Chief Superintendent Sam Donaldson, Operational Support Department said: “Reducing deaths and serious injury on our roads is a priority for us.

“We hope that our new initiative which highlights that people who sadly die on our roads are more than just a statistic, will offer people the guidance and information they need to ensure they always reach their destination safely.

“Recognising the Fatal Five and the devastating consequences which careless driving can have on those affected by roads deaths and injuries will hopefully enable us to reduce casualties in Northern Ireland.

“So far, there have been 56 road deaths in Northern Ireland to date, which is 11 more than the same time period last year.

“This number is simply horrific and I appeal to all road users to learn about the steps they can take to keep themselves and others safe on our roads.

“As well as deaths, many people have suffered serious and life-changing injuries, demonstrating that as a society, road safety is still something that needs to be taken seriously.

“We want to ensure that everyone has the knowledge and information they need to stay safe on our roads and realise that driving whilst under the influence of drink and drugs, not wearing a seatbelt, using a phone, careless driving, and speeding are all serious crimes,” added Chief Superintendent Donaldson.

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