AIRLINES are doing their level best to woo customers, extra legroom, better catering facilities, Wi-Fi etc.  You name it and you can be sure Airlines will do it and many will charge for that service too.

But here is a scheme that you would be mad not to consider.

When we go on holiday you never really get tired on the outward-bound leg of your journey, generally because it’s all new and you are excited about getting there.

So, if for no extra money to your ticket price you could add a little city tour on your way home with super exclusive hotel rates and city tours well that would be a thing to do and it would break up that long-haul journey home.

I have looked at a few stopover packages and this one caught my eye as it looks like the best value out there.

The Portugal Stopover gives the customer the option of having two destinations for the price of one, enjoying a stay of up to 5 nights in Portugal (Lisbon or Porto).

Eligible routes are can be a one-way trip or a return journey and either inbound or outbound, with stopover in Lisbon or Porto, for medium and long-haul flights.

The trip can include multiple destinations, and the Portugal Stopover can be on either leg of the journey, even if departing from one city and returning from a different city and to a different destination.

This amazing package is called the Portugal Stopover, it’s an online product that is available on the home page of

You can find it in the main menu just click on the Stopover option. Also remember that a stopover option will appear when you perform  a flight search and, as long as the route is eligible, a banner will appear informing the Client that this product is available.

So needless to say there will be many questions and Ill try and answer them as best I can.

Remember for all the updated information go to

Is it possible to do a Portugal stopover on a one way trip?

Yes, it is possible to have a stopover on a one way trip. The Portugal Stopover can only be used on one leg of the journey, either the outbound or the inbound.

What’s so good about Portugal stopover?

Well simply you’ll be able to visit two destinations for the price of one. Depending of on the city of your Stopover, you will be able to benefit from exclusive advantages, such as local experiences with a discounted rate.

It will also allow you to take advantage of exclusive Hotel rates (which are identified with a special rate stamp) and in partner restaurants you’ll receive a free bottle of wine.

Furthermore, there are also additional benefits with many other partners.

Do I get anything else?

As a Portugal Stopover Client and if  you select Lisbon, you get to discover the beautiful city of Lisbon at a very special price.

You can request the 24H Lisboa Card and obtain the benefits, such as public transportation, entry to museums, monuments and other points of interest, as well as discounts on other tourist and cultural attractions.

The Lisboa Card provides access to transport services, free admission to 29 museums, monuments and other places of interest, as well as additional discounts on tourist and cultural interest services.

Apart from free admission to places such as Mosteiro do Jerónimos (Jeronimos Monastery), Torre de Belém (Belem Tower), Museu Nacional dos Coches (National Coach Museum) and many other places, you can use the Lisboa Card on the Sintra and Cascais trains and Lisbon Metro underground trains as long as it is valid.

Portugal Stopover Clients get close to 50% discount on the Lisboa Car so you can buy a 24-hour Lisboa Card, normally costing €19, for just €10. You can book a 2 or 3 day car too.

The Lisboa Card is ideal for visitors with only a few days to tackle the city, especially since it includes free use of the city’s public transportation system.

So, just hop on a bus, tram or train and head to the stately Palacio Nacional da Ajuda, the vibrant Azulejos Museum or the historic Roman Theatre Museum – for free.

After that, jump back on and head to the Discovery Monument, Castillo Sao Jorge or the fascinating Carmo Archeology Museum, where you can enjoy generous discounts.

If you still have energy, explore the city via a Sidecar Touring adventure or a spin on the Circuito Colinas Tram.

The Lisboa Card is ideal no matter how long you’ll be in the city. Available in 24, 48 or 72 consecutive hour options, this travel card is flexible enough to fit almost any traveller and any trip.

It’s also valid for a full calendar year after its purchase date (just in case you need to postpone your trip), and the card only starts counting down once its first used.

With your Lisboa Card in hand, you’re ready to eat, drink, shop, ride and experience all the sights and sounds of this beautiful riverside city. Knowing you’re saving a bundle in the process will make your Lisbon adventure all the sweeter.

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How do I book Request this experience when booking your flight or, afterwards, on the website or the TAP Stopover App.

Can I change/cancel the experience booked through Portugal Stopover?

For more information on the 24h Lisboa Card or if you wish to alter the date or location of pick up, please contact ATL through the following e-mail

Can I invite other people to share the experience I have booked through Portugal Stopover?

The Stopover experience is only available to passengers who are part of an eligible Stopover booking.

Which restaurants participate in the Portugal stopover scheme

Click on th efollowing link

 Do I need to book the restaurant in advance with Portugal Stopover?

You do not need to, but you should always contact the restaurant to guarantee your reservation and enjoy your surroundings. See the list of partner restaurants

How can I identify Portugal Stopover restaurants and partners?

As with passengers, who can apply for a TAP Portugal Stopover card, the partners are also identified with the Portugal Stopover seal.

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Do I require any other form of identification in addition to the Portugal Stopover app?

Yes, the partner may request to see some personal identification in addition to the virtual card from the TAP Portugal Stopover virtual card.

I have already booked my trip, but now I want to add a Portugal Stopover. Is this possible?

In order to find out if you are able to add a Stopover to your reservation, it is necessary that you contact our Contact Centre in order to confirm the fare conditions to which your reservation maybe subjected. In this sense, you may verify the contacts of our Contact centre here

I have booked my Stopover journey but I need to change my reservation. What do I need to do?

You will have to contact the TAP Contact Centre to manage your booking as well as the fare conditions to which your reservation maybe subjected. In this case just contact the contact centre here

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