PSNI searching properties in east Belfast as part of probe into UVF

POLICE say that officers from the Paramilitary Crime Task Force today conducted a “significant search and arrest operation” against the criminal activities of East Belfast UVF.

In total, 11 men have been arrested, and £15,000 worth of suspected Class A drugs and expensive vehicles and jewellery were also seized during raids on 14 homes.

Detective Superintendent Bobby Singleton said: “Together with our colleagues in Belfast City Policing District and Operational Support Department, we carried out 14 searches in the Greater Belfast, Ards and Comber areas and arrested 11 men aged between 22 and 48.

“They are currently in police custody being questioned by detectives.

“To date this has resulted in the seizure of £15,000 of suspected Class A drugs, a number of high value vehicles, high end jewellery, clothing and accessories and a significant quantity of cash.

“The investigation continues.

“East Belfast UVF has been a priority for the PCTF since its inception owing to the breadth and scale of criminality and the violence against and coercion of the community that goes hand in hand with it.

“Paramilitaries claim to protect local people but in reality they exploit them by supplying illegal drugs and using violence to try and control their markets.

“East Belfast UVF are nothing more than a drugs gang who operate under a flag of convenience in an attempt to legitimise their existence.

“Working with our partners and communities we are determined to rid our communities of these parasites.

“PSNI clearly has a role to play in terms of tackling the criminality of these groups and that’s why today’s PCTF operation is significant.

“This investigation has been ongoing for some time and today’s action will likely lead to further action by the Paramilitary Crime Task Force.

“Today’s operation demonstrates what we can do when we have information about the activities of these groups.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank those that are standing up to paramilitaries across Northern Ireland, your courage is an inspiration to us all, thank you.

“Anyone with any information no matter how trivial they may think it is, should  bring that to police or to the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”

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