With the October half term fast approaching, new research into packing habits has revealed Brits are officially a nation of over-packers, costing over half a billion pounds* in excess baggage charges.

Shockingly, 83% don’t even use the items they’ve paid extra for whilst on holiday and could save money by packing more efficiently.

The study, conducted by discount voucher website MyVoucherCodes, found that excessive toiletries (36%) and books (27%) are the worst offenders for unused items, followed by too many shoes, warm items such as hoodies and waterproof jackets all at 18%.

But not everyone is happy to part with their cash at check-in…

15% reported they had tried to WEAR as many items as possible from their hold luggage to avoid excess charges, 6% have thrown items of clothing away and 5% asked a family member to come to the airport with them so they could take any excess items home.

And when it comes to packing styles, men are firmly ”Team Fold’ (71%) whereas more women roll their clothes compared to men (34%).

Men prefer to pack the night before a flight and favour vacuum packing clothes, compared to women who like to get organised and write a list (43%) and pack a few days before.

Profile of a British over-packer: 

  • Over packs toiletries the most (36%)
  • Folds clothes (69%)
  • Does not check the weather before packing (11%)
  • Forgets to check facilities at their destination (6%)
  • Packs the night before the holiday (31%)


Chris Reilly, Managing Director of MyVoucherCodes commented: “Holiday goers should check their luggage allowance before packing so there are no nasty surprises at the airport. The average hold luggage is 20kg but there are airlines such as Jet2 which offer a generous 22kg – so shoe lovers might be able to pack that extra pair after all.”

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