PROTEIN BOOST AND REBECCA MCKINNEY URGE NI PUBLIC TO GET MORE ACTIVE…Presenter, fashion stylist and gym lover Rebecca McKinney, who is always on the go, has teamed up with Protein Boost to launch the #MYNEXTSTEPS campaign which aims to inspire people to set take the first, or next steps to leading a more active lifestyle.

A leading drinks company is encouraging the Northern Ireland public to kick start a healthier lifestyle with the launch of the #MYNEXTSTEPS campaign.

Through the new initiative, Protein Boost is hoping to inspire people to take the next step in getting more active – whether that is getting off the couch and going for a ten-minute walk, hitting the gym once or twice a week or doing an exercise video at home, making a small change towards a healthier lifestyle makes a big difference.

Francine Matthews, Consumer Marketing Manager for Protein Boost said: “People lead such busy lifestyles and can forget to make time for getting active.

“We have launched the #MYNEXTSTEPS campaign in the hope that it will inspire people to set themselves their own simple goal in taking the first, or next steps to a healthier lifestyle.

“As part of the campaign we aim to create awareness of the importance protein plays in a healthier lifestyle and how Protein Boost, with 20g of protein and less than 150 calories can help!” Francine added.

Belfast fitness coach, Páraic Hannan from P Hannan Strength and Fitness said:

“Protein is a vital part of our daily diet and boasts loads of benefits, from keeping your metabolism running and energy levels high, helping your brain function properly and even helps you feel fuller for longer.”

Add this to a more active lifestyle by making some simple yet effective changes.

Why not start with a 15 minute walk or going to your local gym once or twice a week and build on this in the coming weeks and months.

The key is to set yourself simple and achievable goals that you will be able to make a regular part of your lifestyle,” Páraic added.

Protein Boost is inviting the Northern Ireland public to get involved in the campaign by sharing on social media how they are taking the first step to a healthier lifestyle.

Simply post a photograph of you in action with the hashtag #MYNEXTSTEPS for the chance to win a £100 gift voucher for Podium 4 Sport and a case of Protein Boost.

Protein Boost, the Grab ‘n’ Go milk based protein drink is fat free and served in a handy little bottle brimming with good stuff.

It is available in all local convenience stores across Northern Ireland, and with no added sugar it promises to help you get through your day.

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