Sex beast Keith Baker jailed for 15 years for horrific crimes against vulnerable woman

THE Public Prosecution Service say it is considering appealing against the sentences sex slave couple Keith and Caroline Baker received for sexually abusing a vulnerable woman.

Keith Baker was jailed for only 16 years and his wife Caroline staggering just three years. She will back on the streets in less than 18 months for her sickening involvement.

Both appeared at Craigavon Crown Court yesterday to be sentenced by Judge Patrick Lynch QC.

A Public Prosecution Service (PPS) spokesman said: “The Public Prosecution Service is currently considering if there is a basis to refer the sentences handed down in this case to the Court of Appeal on the grounds that they may be unduly lenient.

“An unduly lenient sentence is one that falls outside the range of sentence that a judge, taking into consideration all relevant factors and having regard to sentencing guidance, could reasonably consider appropriate.”

THE PSNI has today welcomed the sentences handed out to a ‘sex slaves’ crime couple who admitted a range of horrific sexual offences against a vulnerable adult over an eight-year-period.

Keith Baker, aged 61, was today sentenced to 15 years in jail at Craigavon Crown Court by Judge Patrick Lynch QC.

Baker’s wife Caroline, aged 54, was sentenced to three years, including 18 months on licence, after they both pleaded guilty to a range of offences including a number of sexual assaults over an 8-year-period.

Speaking after sentencing , Detective Chief Superintendent George Clarke, Head of the PSNI’s Public Protection Branch, said:

“This was an appalling litany of crimes carried out against an extremely vulnerable woman and we welcome the outcome.

“For 8 years, these defendants kept this woman imprisoned in a room that could not be opened from inside and sexually abused her, some of which was filmed for their own sexual gratification.

“There was no door handle on the inside of her room and food was only brought to her occasionally.

“Put simply, this was an inhumane way to treat anyone.

Inside the house of horrors where disabled woman was sexually abused for eight years

“Her basic human rights were stolen from her by people who can only be described as evil.

“What she went through is unimaginable and any right minded person will be horrified to hear about the suffering this victim endured at the hands of these cruel people.

“It doesn’t bear thinking about what this victim endured over the thousands of days she was kept prisoner.

“Although it pales to insignificance in comparison to what this victim was forced to endure for years, this has been a difficult, challenging and emotional case for the officers involved.

“We worked closely with the Public Prosecution Service to build a strong case and I am glad we brought the case to a conclusion for the victim.”

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