Local beer and whiskey lovers are in for a treat, as The Dirty Onion launches Volume Two of its popular Boilermaker Menu. Pictured are Tim Herron, Manager at The Dirty Onion and Joe Magowan, Irish Whiskey Ambassador for Dillon Bass. Pic by Darren Kidd, Press Eye.

LOCAL beer and whiskey lovers are in for a treat as The Dirty Onion launches Volume Two of its popular Boilermaker Menu.

Having sold over 3,200 boilermakers since the Cathedral Quarter bar first introduced the traditional American pairing experience just over a year ago, the bar has now expanded its offering with a second volume of craft beers and world whiskey pairings, bringing an Irish twist to a historic drinking tradition.

The traditional boilermaker drink was popularised in the 19th century by Pennsylvanian steelmakers as way of forgetting factory life and combines a shot of whiskey, chased by a glass of beer.

The Dirty Onion worked closely with Northern Ireland’s whiskey experts to create the pairings, and customers can now enjoy the spoils of this expert knowledge, savouring rich whiskies from around the world, paired with refreshing craft beers.

The pairings are served on a bespoke wooden board, fashioned by Newtownards based company, Cardy Timber, from aged Jameson whiskey barrel casks.

Tim Herron, general manager at The Dirty Onion said:

“The Dirty Onion premises was originally used as a bonded whiskey warehouse, so our history is heavily rooted in the spirit.

“We are always looking for ways to offer our customers new and unique experiences and have carefully chosen more adventurous pairings for our new Boilermaker Club.

“This time we will have 10 unique pairings made up of interesting craft beers and whiskies from Ireland, Japan and the US and are sure the Boilermaker Club will be a big hit with all our customers.”

The Boilermaker Club Menu

The new menu offers ten pairings, each offering a unique taste profile, including a ‘wildcard’ pairing that will change every two months.

  • Tidefall & Powers Gold: A ‘great introduction’ to the Boilermaker concept, this pairing mixes a well-balanced local lager with a classic Irish whiskey.
  • Chieftain IPA & Redbreast Lustau: A medium bodied, hoppy IPA with a light bitterness, this pairing is perfect for embracing the sensation of the whiskey.
  • Caesar Augustus Lager/IPA and Dunville’s PX: A great pairing which sees the bitterness in the IPA countered by the PX sweetness.
  • Galway Bay Milk Chocolate Stout & Yellow Spot: A highly recommended pairing.  The malt and coffee flavours of the stout are complimented by the coffee tones of the whiskey.
  • MacIvors Dry Cider & Teeling Small Batch: This pairing delivers something entirely new to the mix. The 100% pressed Armagh apple cider combine perfectly with the creamy vanilla, cinnamon and apple taste of the whiskey.
  • Roundstone Red Ale & Hibiki Harmony: Ireland meets Japan in this unique pairing as the very smooth, malty whiskey meets a smooth malty beer.
  • Beavertown Gamma Ray Pale Ale & Knob Creek: A flavoursome beer with aromas of mango and grapefruit perfectly paired with the rich sweetness of a long-aged, high-rye whiskey.
  • Beavertown Neck Oil IPA & Jameson Blender’s Dog: A complex whiskey with an infusion of flavours and aromas perfectly paired with a simple but punchy IPA, brewed with pale base malts to keep it crisp and dry.
  • Beavertown Lupuloid & Powers Three Swallow: The perfect pairing of a big flavoured beer complemented with a well-balanced pot still whiskey for a tropical taste.
  • The Wild Card: A unique and interesting combination to challenge the taste buds.  The Wild Card will change every two months to offer a new pairing for customers.

The Dirty Onion’s Boilermaker experience starts from just £7.50 per pairing and is available all day SundayThursday.

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