DEAD MAN TALKING....Months after confessing to being a Brit agent Denis Donaldson was shot dead and Gerry Adams sanctioned the hit, claims SF/IRA spy

DEAD MAN TALKING….Months after confessing to being a Brit agent Denis Donaldson was shot dead and Gerry Adams sanctioned the hit, claims SF/IRA spy

A man who says he was a former IRA and Sinn Féin member turned British agent has claimed Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams sanctioned the killing of Denis Donaldson.

He made the allegation to BBC Northern Ireland’s Spotlight programme broadcast last night.

Mr Adams has denied any involvement in the killing of Mr Donaldson.

Adams has also been blamed for ordering the abduction and murder of mother of ten Jean McConville in December 1972

Mr Donaldson was shot dead months after admitting in 2005 he had been an MI5 agent and RUC Special Branch mole for more than 20 years.

He had worked for Sinn Féin as an administrator at Stormont and had previously ran its New York office called Friends of Sinn Fein..

He was killed at a remote Donegal cottage in 2006. One man living in Donegal was recently charged with withholding information about his murder.

A man who says he worked as an informer for the intelligence branch of the police told Spotlight that Mr Adams sanctioned the murder.

The former spy was in the IRA and Sinn Féin. He cannot be identified because of fears about his safety.H

What SF/IRA spy told Spotlight reporter Jennifer O’Reilly:

Agent: I know from my experience in the IRA that murders have to be approved by the leadership. They have to be given approval by the leadership of the IRA and the military leadership of the IRA.

Reporter: Who are you specifically referring to?

Agent: Gerry Adams, he gives the final say.

The informer told Spotlight that murders had to be approved by the political and military leadership of the IRA.

In a statement, Mr Adams’ solicitor said the Sinn Féin leader “has no knowledge of and had no involvement whatsoever in the killing of Denis Donaldson”.

He added that Mr Adams “categorically denies the unsubstantiated allegation that he was consulted about an alleged IRA army council decision or that he had the final say on what had been sanctioned”.

Days after the murder, the IRA said it was not involved in Mr Donaldson’s death.

But, security sources told Spotlight that intelligence received following the killing contradicted the IRA’s denial.

The Real IRA later claimed responsibility for the murder.

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