Alex Attwood 1THE SDLP MLA for West Belfast Alex Attwood has welcomed today’s announcement about the cross border organised crime taskforce.

He said the scale of the threat is immense and all parties must be on the same page when it comes to tackling criminality.

“At the recent Talks, the SDLP made a series of proposals that there should be War on Organised Crime.  Today can be a catalyst to do so.  That is for the good of all of us on the island of Ireland.

“The scale of the threat is immense.  The biggest illegal waste dump ever found on these islands sits on the River Faughan close to Derry City.

“Sludge from illegal diesel operations is dumped multiple times on the same roads in South Armagh.

“Legitimate businesses and the people they employ are in jeopardy because of the range and impact of organised crime.

“All parties must be on the same page when it comes to the threat of criminality.  No ifs, no buts.  There can be no new ambiguity on this issue.  There cannot be fresh contempt for Irish democracy.

“Ireland is better without any special courts.  We should all work to that outcome.

“The response of Sinn Fein to the court findings against Mr. Murphy is little to do with Special Courts, little to do with admitting the truth, all about defending their own and people know it.”

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