Gerry Adams will not face charges over the murder of Jean McConville

Gerry Adams will not face charges over the murder of Jean McConville

SINN Fein president Gerry Adams will not face criminal charges for ordering the IRA abduction and murder of Jean McConville over 40 years ago.

The decision was announced today by the Public Prosecution Service.

The Louth TD will also not be charged with membership of the Provisional IRA.

The PPS also announced that six other people, including his lieutenant Bobby Storey will also not face charges linked to the mother-of-ten’s murder in 1972.

Jean McConville, 37, a widow, was abducted from her west Belfast home, shot and secretly buried by the IRA

Her body was found on a beach in County Louth in 2003.


Annoucing the decision, deputy director of public prosecutions, Pamela Atchison, said: “We have given careful consideration to the evidence currently available in respect of each of the three men and four women reported and have concluded that it is insufficient to provide a reasonable prospect of obtaining a conviction against any of them for a criminal offence.

“We have had a series of meetings with members of the family, most recently this morning, about all of our prosecutorial decisions and we will continue to engage with them as we progress the prosecution of Ivor Bell.”

Veteran republican Ivor Bell, 78, has been charged with aiding and abetting Mrs McConville’s murder.

Michael McConville said after the meeting: “Those who ordered, planned and carried out this war crime thought that their guilt could disappear along with her body.

“But it has not, and we will continue to seek justice for our mother and see those responsible held to account no matter how long it takes”.

Gerry Adams was arrested in May 2014 and held for four days at the serious crime suite in Antrim for questioning.

He was later released pending a report to the PPS.

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