Hungry for the fridge full of food is student, James Stewart, but his Mum, Anya, already feels like a winner as she gets to fill her car full of students for free.

Hungry for the fridge full of food is student, James Stewart, but his Mum, Anya, already feels like a winner as she gets to fill her car full of students for free.

STUDENTS spend most of the their money on….FOOD!

That’s according to a leading financial institution that after rent, students spend most of their money on food followed by eating out, utility bills, alcohol and clothes.

So as thousands of students across Northern Ireland digest their results, Stena Line has come up with a delicious way to help them stretch their budgets which will also get the thumbs up from the bank of Mum and Dad – the jam-packed contents of a fridge*.

Marc Casey, Route Marketing Manager Irish Sea North, Stena Line, said:  “With 3rd level education so expensive these days we think it’s only fair that students can save a few pounds.

“Not only that, with Stena Line, students travel for free with every car and driver fare – which start from as little as £79 single.

“That means the driver can fill all available seats in the car with students at no extra cost (for travel between 14th August – 31st October, book by 30th Sept).

“It’s also essential that students look after themselves so they have the best chance of success, which is where a good diet comes in.”

A study conducted by Northumbria University in England proved that students performed better on simple math tests by drinking dark chocolate shakes and if students eat the right foods they can also improve memory, alertness and focus.

Marc continued:  “To help students in Northern Ireland graduate with flying colours, we are offering them the chance to win the contents of a fridge, packed with healthy, brain boosting foods, as well as some student favourites.

“This will offer Mum and Dad peace of mind as they won’t need to worry about their hard working kids eating well plus they save money getting their kids to and from college or university, when they travel with Stena Line. 

“And don’t forget that transporting things like TVs, lots of heavy books, clothes, guitars, games consoles, costs zero as Stena Line don’t charge for excess baggage.”

To win the contents of a fridge, visit Stena Line’s website and guess the amount of money it has taken to stock the fridge full of favourite student snacks and IQ boosting nosh.

“The student who wins will have a fridge full of food to enjoy and more money to spend on books, travel or clothes”, continued Marc.

Don’t worry if you’re not a winner as Stena Line has listed some brain boosting food tips to help students succeed:

·         Stay alert with vitamin E filled almonds which offer a better alternative than a chocolate bar or sugar-filled energy drink plus you can avoid the ‘crash’ often associated with sugar rich snacks.  All animal by products such as fish, meats, dairy, and eggs are packed with protein.

·         Improve your focus and reach for a berry snack instead of a coffee. Studies have shown that blueberries in particular are able to increase concentration and memory for up to five hours.

·         A good memory is every student’s friend so help to boost it by eating cold water fatty fish, such as salmon.  This is said to not only help you to improve memory retention, but can also protect you from diseases such as dementia as they contain high levels of essential fatty acids.

Stena Line is planning to take hundreds of new and returning students back to their chosen campuses via their Belfast to Liverpool and Cairnryan routes, but where in the UK is the most economical place to be a student?

According to the same report, Edinburgh (4), Dundee (6) and Glasgow (9) all feature in the top 10 cheapest cities to be a student with Liverpool taking the number 13 place.

Book now and take a car full of students for free at and guarantee a great travel deal today.

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