Belfast Pride 2 2015THOUSANDS of people have taken part in the 25th annual Gay Pride Parade through Belfast’s city centre today.

Organisers put the the figure at around 50,000.

However, police and road chiefs estimated the crown at around 30,000.

But it is a larger turnout than usual this year with the theme for the parade “25 years building equality. It’s time.”

Belfast Pride believe more people would take to the streets after the Republic’s ‘Yes’ vote three months ago to gay marriage.

The LGBT community in Northern Ireland now equality with the Republic.

The parade started around lunchtime from Custom House Square following its route along High Street, through Bridge Street to Waring Street and on to Donegall Street.

Then it was onto Royal Avenue into Donegall Place and around Donegall Square North, Donegall Square East and Donegall Square South, before heading into Howard Street, Upper Queen Street and took a route through Queen Street, Castle Street and Castle Place, before moving along High Street and returning to Custom House Square.

Earlier as it passed Belfast City Hall, a small group of protesters had gathered holding placards and posters displaying Bible verses.

Belfast pride 1 2015



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