WHOEVER said caravanning was a cheap holiday is, in my humble opinion not exactly telling it as it is.

Recently I tried out a Caravan holiday at Silvercove Caravan Park in Kilkeel. Kilkeel is a popular tourist spot and there are a number of Caravan parks for both Statics and Touring vans. Statics are what we normally refer to, as Mobile Homes and touring vans are the traditional type of van that is towed behind a car etc.

Silvercove is known as a static caravan park and some of the caravan owners have been visiting there for years. Butchers, bakers and well not so many candlestick markers but they all love the atmosphere and that’s why they keep coming back and back. Small play park on site shop, recycling centre, activities over the summer, it’s really a place that is hard to beat, so if you are considering a static van or just want to visit check out:

Fsilvercove,park,kilkeelor those people who have a few more pounds in their pocket than me, they can spend as much as £30,000 for the latest three-bedroom offering with all the mod cons and £1500 a year site fees. Now that’s not what I call a cheap holiday.

But the peace and tranquillity you get is well worth the spend. And just a little reminder, if you take out a Static Caravan at Silvercove, your first year’s fees will be waived.

Another wonderful event site managers Fiona and Darwin organise is the most improved pitch or site, this event encourages the site residents to improve their pitches with decking, flowers and general appearance etc and improves the surroundings for all the guests, winners then get reduced fees for next year too.

The high price of a home from home is not just as bad for the touring caravan, but they still can cost a pretty bob or two. Touring caravans come with single or double wheel configuration, most cars can tow a single wheel config and jeep, 4×4, and large vehicles can pull the double wheel types.

IMG_3354Although I have a jeep type vehicle I had a single wheel type caravan with me.  My van, an Elddis Typhoon, is not new but she is just fine for me. Cooker, fridge, shower and on-board loo, mean you can be self-contained, wherever you go.


I dream of something like the Elddis Crusader Storm, 4 berth and it comes in at £25,494 on the road, including a delivery charge of over £400. There is admittedly a lot of Vat included in that price which goes straight to David Cameron and the likes.


3542-JUY_5506_10cmsThe Crusader Storm is a twin-axle model with transverse fixed bed and luxurious end bathroom to the rear. A superb and spacious option for couples and families alike. But at that sort of money it’s a tad well a long way out of my range but I continue to dream.


Beautiful Friday evening.

I arrived Silvercove on a beautiful Friday evening in July, probably the only one we have had this July! I towed my van down to Kilkeel as the GI Jive festival was on and set it up at my pitch, dropped the stabilising legs and hey presto I was sorted.


No hotel fees for me, I had everything I needed. Electric hooked up and mains water connected and I was in my element. I don’t use a TV in my caravan and I’m going to keep it that way, as you may be surprised to learn that there is an awful lot of good radio out there to listen to.

When using a touring caravan most of us have a cassette chemical toilet, but when visiting touring sites like Silvercove. The toilet and shower blocks are oh so important!

Generally your entrance fee covers the toilets and showers or site fees and they do save you a lot of bother. So Caravaners will know the best sites to use because of the great facilities on offer. Silvercove was I’m glad to say excellent. Their toilet facilities were warm, exceptionally clean and the showers had piping hot water and clean shower curtains. This site even had an up-to-date cleaning schedule on the rear of the door. So full marks to Silvercove.

IMG_2829As I sat in my touring caravan on this tranquil site yards from the beech at Killkeel, I watched kids play quietly in the play park and families enjoyed each others company as they talked from their bespoke decking and were gently lit by their solar powered butterfly lights.

There is little doubt that when you visit a caravan park, you do leave the normal world behind and enter a place of tranquillity and harmonious holidaying. A site like Silvercove really does embrace core values of acceptable behaviour. Kids must be indoors by 11-30pm, no crazy parties, no outside ‘flegs”, just good old-fashioned friendliness, where everyone gets on and has a great time.

I can tell you that my time spent at Silvercove was superb, I loved it and I for one will be back again and again, well if the managers have a pitch for me?

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