Rioting erupted in several parts across Northern Ireland after a parade through Ardoyne was banned on July 12

Rioting erupted after parade through Ardoyne was banned on July 12. Twenty-four police officers were injured

THE PSNI say 24 police officers were injured and a 16-year-old girl was struck by a car as trouble flared in north Belfast last night.

One officer needed 12 stitches after being bitten on his finger as violencee erupted during the return leg of an Orange Order feeder parade.

The 16-year-old girl was hit by the car and became trapped underneath it at Crumlin Road.

Officers were injured as missiles were thrown when police enforced a restriction to a contentious Orange parade.

A PSNI spokesperson said the 24 injuries included officers hurt in the car incident in Ardoyne.

The Orange Order was banned from marching past the Ardoyne shops on Crumlin Road

The rioting was on a smaller scale compared to 2013

Shortly after the parade arrived at police lines, a group at the front started to attack police.

Officers were hit with a barrage of bricks, bottles, bolts and other missiles.

Senior officers gave the order for riot teams to respond with water cannon.

But it escalated after a car struck several pedestrians at the nearby Ardoyne shops.

It happened as a crowd of nationalists gathered in protest close to the contentious Orange parade.

The vehicle trapped the girl underneath and was lifted off by police and members of the public.

She was taken to hospital and is now stable. A man was arrested by police and remains in custody.

Police said two officers were hurt as they dealt with that incident.

Fr Gary Donegan, of Holy Cross Catholic Church, told BBC NI’s Good Morning Ulster: “The car went right over the top of her.

“PSNI officers and local residents managed to lift the car off her. There were graphic scenes of seeing her feet sticking out from underneath the car.

“You could actually see the marks of the vehicle on the back of her jeans. She was very distressed.”

First Minister Peter Robinson condemned last night’s violence

“The PSNI is tasked with upholding the rule of law and it is vital that those involved in such riotous activity cease and are held accountable. They do a massive disservice to the wider cause they claim to support,” the DUP leader said.

A clean up operation is now underway by Belfast City Council cleansing staff to clear the streets of debris.



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