DCI John McVea says his team have received new information about the murder in 1999 of Jonathan Cairns

DCI John McVea says his team have received new information about the murder in 1999 of Jonathan Cairns

THE family of murdered Jonathan Cairns have been given fresh hope a breakthrough in catching his killers 16 years.

Detective Chief Inspector John McVea visited the Ballykelly home of Raymond and Hazel Cairns to update them on the investigation.

He told them that his Major Investigation Team had received information they had never known before about the murder in 1999.

The information had come to light after family and friends launched the Justice for Jonathan Cairns Facebook page.

One person was convicted of disposing of the body of Jonathan Cairns

His faceless killers remain at large

In a statement on the page this afternoon, the family said: “Following a meeting today with Detective Chief Inspector John Mc Vey, Hazel , Raymond , Sharon , William , another family member, a local MLA and myself , we went through a lot of information past and present .

“We have had a very positive meeting with leads from the public recently directly to police themselves and also leads via information gathered on our page from the public.

“We are confident that the investigation will come closer to a close soon as the leads are now in the hands of the authorities and will be investigated!

“The meeting lasted approx three and a half hours where we were able to set up communication links for information and handling information given to us responsible.

“We were able to inform and update the family on the standing of the case at present, and we were all able to come away with a positive mutual understanding on the goal which is to finally put the Killers and their accomplices behind bars!

“Hazel, Raymond , Sharon ,William and Justice for Jonathan would like to thank you all very much for your support and information so far and would appreciate if there’s anything at all no matter how small please contact us on the page,

“Or contact Detective Chief Inspector John Mc Vey , Belfast Murder team via 101 or crimestoppers .

“There will be a direct line number and email address set up and posted to the page in the coming days , Thanks again!

“Justice for Jonathan!!”


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