IRA leader 'Jock' Davison shot dead in the Markets area of south Belfast earlier this month

IRA leader ‘Jock’ Davison shot dead in the Markets area of south Belfast earlier this month

ANTI-TERROR detectives investigating the murder of Jock Davison are to go the BBC1 Crimewatch programme tomorrow night in the hope of gleaning new clues about the lone killer.

It is believed they will also reveal new details of the automatic handgun used in the cold blooded murder.

Officers will also be releasing details of what they believe be were the gunman’s movements before and after the assassination..

Davison, 47, was shot five times after he collected his morning newspaper and walked to the community centre in the Markets district where he worked.

He was shot once in the back and then four times to the face.

Speaking today, the PSNI said that as part of their appeal for new information, “officers will also be disclosing new details about the gunman’s movements and the weapon he used”.

Police say the gunman made off on foot as no car was seen entering or leaving the district.

There has been speculation the killer stopped off at a nearby house to dispose of the gun and his clothes before making good his escape.

Police have been trawling CCTV footage on roads around the Markets district looking to pinpoint the gunman.

Detective Superintendent Kevin Geddes, head of the PSNI’s Terrorist Investigation Unit, said: “The investigation is progressing but we need more information.

“The opportunity provided by Crimewatch will hopefully generate calls from people who can help us apprehend the killer.”

The Crimewatch will be screened tomorrow night, Tuesday, May 26, at 9 pm.

Those with information can call detectives who will be in the studio and also at the incident room at Musgrave PSNI station.

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