IRA leader 'Jock' Davison shot dead last week in the Markets area of south Belfast.

IRA leader ‘Jock’ Davison shot dead last week in the Markets area of south Belfast.

THE detective leading the investigation into the murder of top Provo ‘Jock’ Davison has described the inquiry as “very challenging”.

The 47-year-old was shot up to seven times at Welsh Street in the Markets area of Belfast a week ago today.

The gunman was described as being about 5ft 6ins tall and was wearing a black hooded rain jacket.

DCI Justyn Galloway said police were following “a number of specific lines of enquiry”.

“I have two specific appeals:

“I want to hear from anyone who left the Markets between 9.09 and 9.15am last Tuesday, from any route either on foot or in a vehicle, to contact detectives at Musgrave police station on the 101 number,” he said.

“I also want to hear from anyone who parked a vehicle in the Markets before walking to work somewhere else. These people are potential witnesses and it is important that they come forward and talk to us.”

DCI Galloway said it was a challenging investigation that would likely take some time.

He said its success would depend on people “coming forward and telling us what they know”.

So far three people have been arrested over the murder, but all of them have been released without charge.

“The flow of information to the enquiry will determine which direction we take, the people we need to speak to, the doors we need to knock and any further arrests or searches we make,” DCI Galloway said.

“Our objective will always be to conduct a thorough, professional investigation.”

Police have said they do not believe dissident republicans were behind the attack, and do not believe Mr Davison’s murder was sectarian.

One motive is drug dealers in Belfast paid a hitman from Dublin to carry out the murder.

Security sources have described the murder as a “professional hit” with Davison shot four times in the face.

It is understood Mr Davison was involved in the fight in a Belfast bar in January 2005 that led to the death of Robert McCartney, one of Northern Ireland’s most high profile killings.

Mr Davison’s uncle Terence was later acquitted of Mr McCartney’s murder.

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