Chief Constable George Hamilton

Chief Constable George Hamilton

CHIEF Constable George Hamilton has written to every home in Northern Ireland to explain what the forthcoming changes to policing will mean for the public.

The letters are being delivered to coincide with the April 1st  deadline which marks the beginning of a transformation process within the police service to align its Districts with the 11 new Local Councils as part of the Review of Public Administration (RPA).

They will be accompanied by a Newsletter tailored specifically with information for local communities and will introduce the new local District Commander and team of senior officers who will be working tirelessly within their area to keep people safe.

They will also provide details on the changes taking place within frontline policing over the next six months aimed at being more responsive to the needs of local communities.

The 11 Newsletters also highlight some of the key work the Police Service of Northern Ireland is involved in, alongside partners, to make communities safer and more confident places to live and work in.

Chief Constable George Hamilton explained: “Policing in Northern Ireland is undergoing major change, providing us with exciting new opportunities to deliver a policing service with local communities. Our new structure is about providing more time for our officers to engage and investigate.

“My job, as Chief Constable, is to manage this change process and keep the focus on protecting people, preventing crime and detecting criminals.

“We must adapt to new pressures and challenges whilst keeping communities at the heart of everything we do.

“Policing is changing but our policing purpose remains the same – keeping people safe is what PSNI do. Policing with the Community is how we deliver the service.

“It is vitally important the public are kept updated and informed of new developments within policing.

“Previous research has indicated that local people prefer to receive information directly through their letterbox so we have listened and are using the Newsletters as one of a number of ways to inform them of what these changes will look like.”

While a number of structural and operational changes will happen on April 1st, it will take up to six months to have the new frontline policing model in place.

Chief Constable Hamilton added: “The 11 new Districts will be leaner and more streamlined and will focus firmly on local priorities.

“They will be supported by central teams of officers and staff, who will ensure we have the necessary resources in the right place at the right time to quickly deal with issues in local communities.

“Due to the impact on our budget, we are becoming a smaller organisation, which means we have to look at how we prioritise our reducing resources.

“However, I want to reassure the public that we will continue to work tirelessly to keep people safe.”

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