On the run killer Samuel McKinley now back behind bars

On the run killer Samuel McKinley now back behind bars

A CONVICTED killer who was once Johnny Adair’s love rival and went on the run THREE TIMES has been captured tonight.

Sam McKinley, 53, went AWOL from Maghaberry Prison last month while out on a pre-release work scheme.

The ex-UDA man – jailed for ten years for stabbing a pal to death in drink fuelled rage -has now been unlawfully at large for almost a month.

His personal details have been circulated to cops in Ulster, England and Scotland and checks are being carried out on his known haunts in a bid to track him down.

The roly-poly ex-husband of Adair’s long-time mistress Jackie ‘Legs’ Robinson was let out on Friday, December 19.

He was due to return three days later but failed to show up at the Co Antrim prison.

McKinley was located this afternoon after turning up at a hospital in the Republic.

The killer told medical staff that he was suffering from chest pains.

He will now face legal proceedings to have him hauled back to Maghaberry prison.

He could subsequently face a crown court hearing for being unlawfully at large.

The Belfast Daily can reveal that it is now the third time in just FOUR YEARS that McKinley has thumbed his nose at jail bosses and failed to return to the high security jail after being let out.

In 2009, the Shankill Road-born skinhead went on the run from Maghaberry after being let out on a home-leave scheme.

He was recaptured by police four days later and was handed down a suspended sentence for being absent without leave.

Then in 2012 McKinley went on the run while on temporary release.

The thug was later hauled before a court and jailed for a total of two-and-a-half years.

A judge caged him for 18 months for being unlawfully at large and added a further year to his sentence for breaching a previous suspended sentence for failing to return to prison on time.

The court had earlier heard that McKinley went on the run for 17 days from April 20, 2010 after being granted an unaccompanied day release from jail where he was serving a life sentence.

McKinley was eventually recaptured and admitted in court to going AWOL from prison, behaving aggressively towards police and resisting arrest.

Jailing him, Judge Gordon Kerr QC told McKinley: “You are certainly not doing yourself any favours.

“This behaviour is simply holding you back and will keep you back for a lengthy period of time,” he added.

Once recaptured, McKinley now faces being brought back to court for his third offence of going AWOL from jail.

In 1996, McKinley was handed down a minimum 10-year tariff in England for stabbing his friend and drinking partner in the thigh and killing him during an alcohol-fuelled session.

Several years later, the killer was transferred from England to Ulster to serve out his sentence.

McKinley then married loyalist WAG Jackie ‘Legs’ Robinson in a behind-bars-ceremony in Maghaberry prison.

However, he later demanded a divorce from the mum-of-two after she was portrayed in a court as a sex-hungry loyalist moll.

Robinson – who wrote a kiss-and-tell book about her life as UFF chief Johnny Adair’s secret lover – said she was branded as a sex addict in court when she gave evidence over an assault.

She later said: “I saw this man getting a severe beating and I thought I was doing the right thing in coming forward as a witness.

“But then, when the case went to court, everything was about me and I couldn’t believe it. They labelled me some sort of sex-crazed monster, but this is nonsense.

“My husband, Sam McKinley now wants a divorce because he believes that I am a sex maniac.

“The only thing I am guilty of is of having an affair with Johnny Adair,’’ she added.



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