Get Home SafeWHEN the Christmas festivities come to an end, how are you planning to get home?

Everyone wants to enjoy a night out over the holiday season but take time to plan your journey home.

No one wants to spend Christmas Eve in the back of a police car, carried into an ambulance or pay the ultimate price for a poor decision by going home in a hearse.

“The message is very simple, we all want you to get home safe. A good night starts with friends and ends with friends,” said fonaCAB Business Development Manager, Simon Kitchen.

Simon added: “The best bit of advice we can give you is don’t drink and drive, there are plenty of legal taxi companies in the greater Belfast area and they want to take you home,

“However, it’s a very busy time of year for taxi companies, so please be patient”.

PSNI Inspector Rosie Leech added, “If you find yourself asking the question, I wonder if I’m ok to drive?

“Or if you find yourself trying to calculate if you are under the drink drive limit, whether that’s after one drink, or the morning after a night out, just don’t take the risk.

“The consequences could be catastrophic. Never, ever, drink and drive.

“We are asking people to think ahead and plan how to get home with just as much care as they put into planning where to go and what to wear. People out for the night should get a lift home with a sober friend or family member, a non-drinking driver or a licensed taxi driver.

You can book your taxi with fonaCAB on 02890 33 33 33.
Everyone at fonaCAB wishes you a very Merry Christmas and we want you to #GetHomeSafe.

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