DUP councillor Brian Kingston condemns race hate attacks in north Belfast

DUP councillor Brian Kingston condemns race hate attacks in north Belfast

GREATER Shankill DUP Councillor Brian Kingston has condemned the series of UDA attacks against properties occupied by members of the Coulter family in the Lower Shankill area.

Early this morning, just after midnight, bricks were thrown at the front of a house in Malvern Way.

One smashed through a bedroom window, narrowly missed an occupant, and struck the bedroom door.

A firework was then fired towards the broken window, exploding on the outside wall of the house and filling the bedroom with smoke.

Shortly before this attack, bangers were thrown at another house in Boundary Way.

Both houses were attacked previously this month with windows having been smashed and a wheelie-bin burned.

The attacks are the latest in a long line in a UDA-orchestrated campaign against the Coulter family.

Tracey Coulter was forced to flee her home and leave Belfast after the UDA set fire to it.

Alderman Kingston said: “These are appalling and totally unjustifiable attacks. This was the fourth attack in 22 days against the house in Malvern Way and at least the second attack against the house in Boundary Way.

“The campaign of intimidation against these residents is utterly disgraceful and barbaric. I have visited them this morning, as I have on previous occasions, and they are severely distressed by these attacks.

“I know from speaking to other residents that the overwhelming majority of the community is totally opposed to these attacks and is disgusted by them.

“Those carrying out these attacks are seriously undermining the efforts of many people and many agencies to regenerate the Lower Shankill community.

“They are acting against the interests of the local community, which has recently been galvanised in a campaign to save its local primary school.

“I appeal for an end to these attacks and I urge anyone who can assist the police to identify those responsible and to bring them to justice to pass that information on without delay.”

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