Man convicted at Belfast court of selling sex aide drugs

Man convicted at Belfast court of selling sex aide drugs

A 55-year-old South Belfast man has been convicted at Belfast Magistrates’ Court for the sale and supply of unauthorised medicinal products (namely erectile dysfunction tablets) from an ‘adult store’ in Smithfield Square, Belfast.

Karl McWade, was fined £800 plus court costs having pleaded guilty to the charges before the court.
The premises from which the tablets were being sold, formerly known as ‘Naughty But Nice’, have now ceased trading.
The conviction followed a crackdown by Medicines Enforcement Officials from the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety focusing on the High Street sale of illegal sex drugs.
In August, 2013 Health officials, supported by the Police Service of Northern Ireland, visited several ‘adult shops’ in Belfast city centre. Officers seized quantities of erectile dysfunction pills on open sale in the shops.
Peter Moore, Senior Medicines Enforcement Officer with the Medicines Regulatory Group of the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety Northern Ireland said: “This conviction demonstrates that we are committed to pursuing those involved in the illicit supply of prescription medicines in whatever circumstances they may be found and to take action to ensure the public is protected. It is vital that we get the message across that unlicensed medicines can be dangerous.
“If you buy a medicine from unregulated High Street sources like these, you very well may be receiving a product that is unlicensed, fake or could react adversely with any other medication you take. My advice to the public is that they should speak to their GP or pharmacist who can advise them on the best treatment for their condition.”
Professor Mike Mawhinney, Head of the Medicines Regulatory Group, added: “The Department has made it very clear that it will continue to be vigilant and proactive in the regulation of medicines in Northern Ireland. The type of products being sold in circumstances such as this has undergone no quality control and there can be no guarantee about their safety.
“Only healthcare professionals can take into account risks and benefits associated with every medicine.”
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