DUP councillor Brian Kingston condemns race hate attacks in north Belfast

DUP councillor Brian Kingston condemns race hate attacks in north Belfast

THE DUP has slammed those behind an attack against on houses and a car in Bray Street, north Belfast.

Windows were broken in a house occupied by a Pakistani man and windows were also smashed in his car.

The PSNI are treating this as a race hate crime. Windows were also smashed in at least two empty houses in the street.

Councillor Brian Kingston said: “I visited Bray Street this evening, speaking to the occupant of the house which was attacked in the early hours of this morning, and also to other residents who are disgusted by this disgraceful attack against a good neighbour.

“From what the police, the victim and his neighbours have said there can be no doubt that this was a race hate crime.

“This man moved to Belfast in July along with his wife and child, works long hours in his job and rents a private rental house.

“Due to previous acts of intimidation, including eggs thrown at the house and banging on the windows, his wife and child have moved back to Pakistan.

“Neighbours say that he is a good and friendly neighbour and they are disgusted by the attacks which have occurred.

“Those responsible for these criminal attacks are causing great harm to the community and are not acting in the name nor in the interests of local residents.

“They must desist immediately. I urge anyone who can assist the police investigation into this deplorable crime to bring that information forward.

“I will be contacting various agencies tomorrow and I will be maintaining contact with the victim of this crime to help him with whatever course of action he chooses to follow.”

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