The outrageous Mrs Brown (aka actor, Robert McGregor) joined Morgan Freeman and Liam Neeson at Stena Line recently

The outrageous Mrs Brown (aka actor, Robert McGregor) joined Morgan Freeman and Liam Neeson at Stena Line recently

A recent survey revealed that 82% of people are thinking of taking a car on holiday with them.

So leading ferry company is inviting everyone to pack it all in and start their car-cation onboard one of its ships.

When asked which celebrity they would choose as the voice of their GPS device the survey revealed that loud-mouthed Dublin matriarch, Mrs Brown was in the top three along with Hollywood legend Liam Neeson, whose voice has its very own Facebook page, and smooth talker Morgan Freeman.

In addition to this, a loved-up 61% of those surveyed said they would go on a car-cation with their partners and when it comes to finding their way around, 100% of people from Northern Ireland would choose using a GPS as opposed to other traditional methods such as reading a map.

People from Northern Ireland revealed an adventurous side as they said the main reason they wanted to go on a car-cation was the greater freedom and flexibility it provides so check out Stena Line’s Low Fares Finder for a great travel deal and as there are no baggage restrictions, unlike the airlines, people can fill their boots and bring all the comforts of home with them.

Orla Noonan, Stena Line’s Head of Travel, Irish Sea said: “We are currently experiencing a very busy summer period and continue to see an increase in the number of people enjoying a car-cation.

“This comes as no surprise to us and we are delighted to see our customers enjoy the merits that come with taking the car on holiday.

“Our survey revealed the three main reasons holidaymakers from Northern Ireland choose one is due to the greater freedom and flexibility it provides, it enables people to travel to places few others visit and creates the opportunity to experience unexpected events so this is why Britain is the perfect destination.

“Everyone deserves a break and taking the ferry enables people to experience the free benefits that go along with it.

“Passengers can take their luggage for free and with no baggage restrictions people get to bring all the comforts of home with them like golf clubs, surf boards, bicycles – even the motorhome or caravan. You can also bring the family pet for free, so no one gets left behind,” Orla added.

“And unlike stressful airport check-ins, passengers can enjoy shorter check-in times, plenty of leg-room, great food and lots to do onboard including making use of the free Wi-Fi, watching a free movie, enjoying fun and games in the children’s play areas and great savings of up to 50%* compared to the high street on hundreds of quality lines in the onboard shop,” Orla concluded.

There is still time to enjoy a car-cation this summer to discover the freedom and flexibility for yourself.

To book go to www.stenaline.co.uk, call 08447 707070 or visit your local travel agent.

*Terms and conditions apply. Subject to availability.

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