National LotteryCAMELOT UK, operator of The National Lottery, today announced that the £116,304 prize from the Lotto draw on 18 December, 2013 has remained unclaimed more than 180 days after the draw took place.

The ticket-holder bought their Lotto ticket in the Boroughs of Antrim and Ballymena and the deadline for the ticket-holder to claim their prize was at 11pm on Monday 16 June, 2014.

As the deadline has now passed the money, plus the interest it earned, has now gone to help National Lottery-funded projects across the UK. The National Lottery changes lives of individuals as well as communities – players raise on average, over £33 million for National Lottery-funded projects every week.

A National Lottery spokesperson said: “Unfortunately, the ticket-holder did not come forward within the deadline to claim their prize. To avoid this situation happening again, I would urge all National Lottery players to check their tickets on a regular basis.

“We tried very hard to find the ticket-holder and it’s a real shame that they have missed out, but there is still one winner – the nation. This money, and all the interest earned over the 180 days, will now go to benefit projects all over the UK funded by The National Lottery.”

Since 1994 a staggering £31 billion has been raised by National Lottery players, which has been awarded to National Lottery-funded projects across the arts, sports, heritage, health, education, environment, charity and voluntary sectors.

Life-changing projects in the Boroughs of Antrim and Ballymena made possible by The National Lottery include The Wider Circle – providing healing programmes for trauma sufferers, which has received just over £9,000 in National Lottery funding, and The Dunclug Partnership which has used a £6,900 grant from The National Lottery to set up a task force to tackle major issues impacting health and well-being in the area.

With all National Lottery draws, players have 180 days from the day of the draw to claim their prize if they have the winning ticket. Anyone who believes they have the winning ticket for any of the National Lottery draws within the 180-day deadline should call the National Lottery Line on 0845 910 0000.

Anyone concerned about lost or unchecked tickets may like to consider either setting up a National Lottery Subscription or playing online at www.national-lottery.co.uk. Numbers can be entered in advance and lucky winners are notified online if their numbers come up. For further information call 0845 912 5000 or visit www.national-lottery.co.uk.


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