south belfast crime preventionPolice in South Belfast, working with a number of statutory and voluntary agencies, have launched a Safer Homes Scheme to improve the security of resident’s homes and in particular the homes of individuals who may have been repeat victims of crime.

The initiative has been funded by the PSNI and the Northern Ireland Housing Executive.

Robert McMurran, Crime Prevention Officer, South Belfast explains: “Police work closely with community, voluntary and statutory bodies to provide reassurance to victims of crime and to arrange for practical steps to be taken to secure a property which may have damaged as a result of a burglary, anti-social behaviour or hate crime. Security measures can also be implemented where the resident has been the victim of domestic abuse.

“Through this initiative we will be taking referrals from Neighbourhood Police, Victim Support and RECALL.

“So if you have been the victim of crime or if you have raised concerns in relation to house security you will be contacted by the Crime Prevention Officer to arrange a house visit to assess what practical steps can be taken to improve your home security.”

Outlining the types of improvements that residents can access, Chief Inspector Gabriel Moran, Area Commander for South Belfast says: “Improvements can range from fitting additional door locks, a door chain, window locks on ground floor windows and locking devices to vulnerable upstairs windows. In certain instances, it may also be appropriate to provide security lighting, segment timers for internal lighting, property marking kits and personal safety alarms.

Chief Inspector Moran adds: “The fear of crime can be overwhelming for vulnerable individuals. Providing essential security and repairs to those experiencing an immediate threat to their personal safety can dramatically impact on someone’s day to day life. We hope that the Safer Homes Scheme will play a key role in helping to reduce the number of repeat victims of crime and in the process reduce the fear of crime.”

For further information on this initiative please contact the South Belfast Crime Prevention Officer by telephoning the PSNI on its new non-emergency number 101.

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