Jenny Bristow

Jenny Bristow

EACH of us can help reduce the risk of cancer by adopting diets and lifestyles which improve our chances of avoiding the disease.

That was the key message from Health Minister Edwin Poots at the launch of “Cooking with Charis” – a recipe book aimed at encouraging healthy eating to fight cancer.

Produced by cancer charity Charis, the book publishes recipes developed by its patron, Jenny Bristow and dietitian, Debbie McGugan.

Speaking at the launch, Mr Poots said: “Cancer is a complex disease which touches everyone, either directly as a patient or through the experience of friends or relatives. Consequently, the Health Service faces huge challenges over the coming years.

“Therefore it is crucial that we do all we can to prevent cancer in the first place. The Public Health Agency have a comprehensive programme of education and public awareness aimed at preventing people, especially the young, from adopting lifestyles which increase the risk of getting cancer and I applaud Charis for providing valuable information on this subject in the information booklet.

“Most people are aware of the relationship between smoking and lung cancer. However, people are less aware that obesity can substantially increase the chances of being diagnosed with cancer.

“Lifestyle choices increase the risk of developing some cancers, and this is why I thank Charis for producing a recipe book which promotes health eating and helps people reduce their cancer risk.”

The recipe book provides information and advice around eating for health and adapting your diet to encourage healthy, home grown recipes. It also carries important information and new ideas for people with cancer who have eating problems.

The charity believes that while there are many factors in the development of cancer which individuals cannot control, diet and lifestyle is one which can be significantly influenced.

Joint patron Jenny Bristow, who took part in the launch said: “I am delighted to be involved with the team in the writing of this book. The book includes a compilation of recipes and inspirational cookery ideas to help support people going through their cancer journey and their supporting families.”

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