Environment Minister Mark H Durkan says he will fight to keep civil servants jobs in Derry

Environment Minister Mark H Durkan says he will fight to keep civil servants jobs in Derry

SDLP Foyle MLA Mark H Durkan has pledged to fight any attempt to move 80 civil servants job out of Derry.

Speaking earlier today during a debate in the Assembly about public sector jobs in the North West, the Environment Minister said the SDLP was committed to defending public service jobs in the region, in particular Pension Service employees in Waterside House in Derry.

Mr Durkan said should the move to install a new IT system and outsource the managed service take place, approximately 80 posts will be lost to the city.

He added: “This is in no way acceptable. I want to assure the House today, the staff at Waterside House and in Richmond Chambers, the SDLP will not abandon you.

“We have fought to bring these jobs to Derry and we will fight to keep them. We have never shied away from our commitment to the city. The SDLP are the only party in the North to have brought civil servant jobs to Derry.

“We will not accept the removal of one job from Derry at a time when we should be calling for more.

“No political party, no minister can stand by the Programme for Government, the One Plan commitments and commitments to reduce unemployment if they consider removing vital public service jobs from a region of severe unemployment and deprivation.

“If parties have really committed themselves to the City of Culture; if the money invested is to benefit the City and help it grow, we need to keep every job we have and continue to boost the local economy.”

Mr Durkan concluded: “Any attempt at removing public sector jobs from the city of Derry will be met with a fight.”

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