DUP councillor Brian Kingston condemns as "despicable'' the robbery of two sisters

DUP councillor Brian Kingston condemns as “despicable” the robbery of two sisters

SHANKILL DUP councillor Brian Kingston has described as “despicable” the robbery of two elderly sisters.

The incident happened at their mid-Shankill home at around 6.00 pm on Thursday evening November 7.

Councillor Kingston visited the sisters along with party colleague William Humphrey MLA.

Councillor Kingston said: “This was a truly sickening crime, inflicted by cowards on valued but vulnerable members of a family circle and of the community.

“One of the sisters answered a knock at their door only to be pushed back as three men forced their way into the house, their faces covered by scarves.

“This would be a nightmare scenario for any elderly person, or for the relatives of elderly people living alone.

“After asking for prescription drugs they proceeded to rob money from the purses of both sisters and also stole money collected for church missionary work.

“One of the sisters was physically restrained during the robbery but thankfully was not seriously hurt.

“The other sister suffers from epilepsy. They are both clearly shaken by this terrible ordeal.”

He said news of this robbery has caused widespread disgust in the Greater Shankill community.

“The actions of the low-lifes responsible for this despicable crime is in stark contrast to the positive response and concern shown by their family circle, neighbours and the wider community, with a stream of people calling to express their outrage at what was inflicted on these elderly sisters,” added Cllr Kingston.

“The perpetrators are described as having local accents and as being of adult age, in their twenties or older.

“They must be caught and put behind bars where they belong. There will be people who have knowledge or suspicion of who was responsible for this shameful crime.

“I appeal to them to reflect on how they would feel if this happened to an elderly member of their own family and to do right thing and pass that information on to the police without delay.”

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