Strabane republican John Brady who was found dead in a police cell

Strabane republican John Brady who was found dead in a police cell

AN inquest is to open with the next week into the death of man found dead in a cell at Derry’s police headquarters.

However, the family of dissident republican John Brady said they “expect nothing” from an inquest into his death.

The inquest into the death of Strabane republican Brady in Strand Road police station four years ago is due to begin in Belfast on Monday next, 4 November and is expected to last several days.

The 40-year-old was in custody being questioned about an alleged assault at the time.

According to police, he took his own life using a pair of shoe laces, though his family have always denied this.

It emerged in 2010 a police officer had been suspended and a number of others were to face disciplinary action over the death.

A report from the Police Ombudsman stated there was no evidence he had been harassed or mistreated but said a number of failings provided him with the opportunity to take his own life.

Mr Brady’s family say many questions surrounding the circumstances of his death have gone and remained unanswered.

Mr Brady’s brother, Ben, said the family held little hope the inquest would take them any closer to the truth.

He claimed what the “failings” were had never been disclosed and they had not been given any information about what disciplinary action had been taken against the officers involved.

Mr Brady said: “We expect to get absolutely nothing from the inquest. We will be there but we aren’t expecting to hear anything new.

“We want to see that disciplinary report. They are saying it has nothing to do with John’s death but we believe it has and we want to see that report in court.

“We took our case to the Ombudsman and we had ten questions we wanted answered.

“They never answered one of them so we want all witnesses called and those questions answered. If we don’t get that we won’t be accepting it.”

He concluded: “We aren’t going to let this lie and if we have to, we will take the case to Europe. There is no point in us going up there for days for nothing. We want the truth and we won’t let go until we get it.”



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