Murder hunt suspect Kieran McLaughlin is urged to give himself up

Murder hunt suspect Kieran McLaughlin is urged to give himself up

A MASSIVE manhunt is currently underway for Kieran McLaughlin, the man who police say they are keen to speak to in relation to the killing.

Yesterday, the detective leading the investigation into the killing, Chief Inspector Ian Harrison, made a direct appeal to McLaughlin to hand himself in.

Revealing the wanted man’s family were supporting the police appeal, DCI Harrison told McLaugfhlin that a “safe ease of passage” would be available to him if he came forward.

This morning, police in the city revealed over 100 officers were involved in the hunt for McLaughlin who is believed to be armed and that police forces in England, Scotland and Wales had been notified to be on the look out for the 58-year-old.

They also revealed they had spoken to a number of people in the city to advise them of a threat to their safety.

There was a significant police presence in the Galliagh area during the funeral service.

Police were also strategically placed along the funeral route to the City Cemetery.

Derry police commander Chief Inspector Jon Burrows said a number of people are currently at risk.

“There is a gun out there and we need to take that off the streets.

“In relation to the security of a number of individuals, we are managing that risk,” added Chief Inspector Burrows.


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