Burglars are targeting homes along the Lisburn Road in south Belfast

Burglars are targeting homes along the Lisburn Road in south Belfast

DETECTIVES are warning the public in south Belfast to be on the alert over a further surge in buglaries.

Last week the PSNI advised of an upsurge in daylight robberies in leafy Lisburn Road.

Now the police say the thieves have changed locations but the police say the intent is the same: to steal your cash, laptops, cameras,jewellery etc.

This week the crooks have targeted an area known as the Lower Windsors – terraced houses from Tates Avenue to the Main Co op store.

Said the PSNI: “The area is alley gated. This was put in to reduce burglaries, but more times than enough we close over and lock gates that are left open.

Thieves struck on:

* September, 7 – Windsor Drive.

* September 9 –  Meadowbank Street, Windsor Road and Great Northern Street.

* September 10 – Edinburgh Street a burglary and attempted burglary.

Added the PSNI: “Very often glass is broken in a window or door to access the keys in the rear door.

“Wheelie bins are used to gain access over yard walls.

“Gloves are worn to avoid leaving fingerprints.”

And the police advice is simple: “If you hear breaking glass or people climbing over walls, probably time to give us a call: 0845 600 8000 or 999 in an emergency.”

Last week, police revealed that daylight break-ins have rocketed along the Lisburn Road.

Ten homes in Hillside Drive and Richmond Park were broken into between August 27 and September 3.

Thieves have gained entry by forcing open rear doors or windows of the houses.

They have made off with unsecured cash and jewellery.

Police have advised householders to be extra vigilant.

A spokesman said: “We would advise that if you are planning to go away have a trusted friend or neighbour check your house and lift mail etc.

“Also make sure your house looks lived in, have a neighbour park a second car in your driveway if your taking yours.”




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