Dissident republican terrorist group ONH behind hit list on alleged drug dealers

Dissident republican terrorist group ONH behind hit list on alleged drug dealers

A dissident republican terror gang behind a campaign to security force members is now turning targeting alleged drug dealers.

The Belfast Daily can reveal that Oglaigh na hEireann (ONH) distributed a ‘hit-list’ of 52 people it has accused of peddling drugs in west Belfast.

Some of those named are just 17.

Leaflets were pushed through the letter boxes of homes in Poleglas while others were dumped in the street from a car.

The PSNI say detectives have a copy of the leaflet are investigating those behind the targeting.

Community workers fear the ‘hit-list’ could lead to a spate of suicides among those identified.

West Belfast Sinn Fein MP Paul Maskey has condemned ONH saying it had “created a lot of fear in the community”.

“People who did this should be ashamed of their action,” he said.

“I think whoever did this is totally irresponsible and they should come forward and explain why they did this.”

Mr Maskey said the authors of the leaflet claimed the information had been supplied “by those in the drugs trade.

“Now, are these people trying to hide someone else, or are these people trying a scare tactic on this community. If so, they have failed,” he said.

The leaflet had also been posted on social media pages.

“Those behind this are pathetic because they have put 52 people at risk, people who are fearful tonight that they could be attacked because their name has appeared (on the list).

“People have come forward and said their sons’ names are on this list and they are totally innocent. They have been involved in no dealings with drugs and some haven’t even been involved in the taking of drugs,” he added.


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