Bobby Moffeff murdered by the UVF in May 2010 on the Shankilll Road in west Belfast

Bobby Moffeff murdered by the UVF in May 2010 on the Shankilll Road in west Belfast

EXCLUSIVE: THE elderly mother of UVF murder victim Bobby Moffett has gone to her grave without seeing his killers brought to justice.

Susan Moffett, who was aged 82, passed away on Sunday night at her Shankill Road home from a “broken heart”.

Friends said she never got over the murder of her 43-year-old son who was blasted to death with sawn-off shotguns in May 2010 in broad daylight on the Shankill Road.

Said a friend: “After Bobby was murdered, her health just went down and down.

“She never left the house. She never went back onto the Shankill Road after the UVF murder her Bobby.

“Even after the UVF murdered Bobby they were still trying to intimidate her out of her home, smashing windows and stuff.”

Mrs Moffeff had a been a widow with her late husband Billy serving in the Korean war.

Bobby Moffett, a member of the rival loyalist paramilitary group the Red Hand Commando, had a fall out with the UVF over an attack on his nephew and his sister’s home.

On the day of his killing, he was told to attend a meeting with a senior UVF figure to try and resolve the issue.

However, it was a double-cross and as Moffett waited to for his meeting two UVF gunmen, dressed in blue boiler suits and wearing hi-viz vests, calmly walked up to him and shot him several times in the face and body at close range.

Following her son’s murder Susie Moffett accused the UVF of killing her son.

In an interview with UTV Live reporter Sharon O’Neill, she said “: “They’re out for all the money they can get.

“I would like to see them all put off the road altogether. They run it and are getting paid thousands and what for? Killing wee lads.

“Even youngsters they’re doing and what for? Their own benefit.

“They couldn’t face my son with their knuckles so they had to kill him. To me that’s what they had to do.”

She said she didn’t want any revenge for her son’s killing.’

“We want justice that is right. The police is the law here, not them,” she told UTV.

“They disfigured him, mutilated him. Half of his face and his head were blown away. I hope whoever done it will rot in hell”, Mrs Moffett added.

“We’ll bring him home even though I won’t be able to put my arms around him or hold him. I can’t do that. In fact, there is only a box.”

“They’re scum each and every one of them. Scum, there are no words.”

A number of UVF members were arrested for his killing, including the Shankill Road commander, but none were charged with the murder.


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