Aine Clarke of Hansel and Gretel with the massive City of Culture quilt

Aine Clarke of Hansel and Gretel with the massive City of Culture quilt

A MASSIVE quilt, carefully woven together from the most treasured memories of the people of Derry/Londonderry, has been unveiled for August Craft Month.

The City of Culture Quilt, which is approximately 60ft by 20ft, has been a real labour of love for the people of the city and for well-known children’s knitwear designer and crochet tutor Aine Clarke of Hansel and Gretel.

After seven long months in production, the multi-coloured, handmade quilt, made with the help of hundreds of local people, is now on display in Pump Street.

Aine said the whole city came together to add their most treasured memories to its design.

She said: “It has been really successful. The quilt looks really well and symbolises how people have come together to support the City of Culture.

“A lot of effort has been put into each individual piece, which is personal to the maker.

“People put in dates special to them and their family, including the birth or death of a loved one.

“The detail is really beautiful. The Mother’s Union produced a wonderful piece commemorating their centenary.”

For full details of all August Craft Month events, visit the Craft NI website: and click on the August Craft Month section.

To find out about all the makers and events in your area, click on the interactive craft map.


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