The Co-op at Knockbreda which was shopped at knife point on Wednesday evening

The Co-op at Knockbreda which was shopped at knife point on Wednesday evening

A FEMALE shop assistant was left traumatised after she was forced at knifepoint to open the till at a convenience store in south Belfast.

The incident happened at 8.25 pm on Wednesday night at the Co-op’s Knockbreda store on the Ormeau Road.

It is understood the female worker was packing a shelf when she was grabbed at knifepoint by a male.

He forced her to the counter and made her open the till while he held the knife at her.

The male made off with an undisclosed sum of cash.

Up to four police cars raced to the scene along with a PSNI dog handler.

Searches were carried out in a nearby entry for the robber along with gardens at Knockbreda Park.

Crime scene investigators (CSIs) also attended and carried out fingerprint tests on the shop’s automatic door frame and glass panels for possible clues to the robber.

A source said: “The young girl was very shocked by what happened.

“It was broad daylight so we are hoping someone will have seen him running away.”

Anyone with information about the robbery or seen the suspect flee the premises is asked to contact police in south Belfast on 0845 600 8000.

In October last year, PSNI chiefs have stepped up patrols in the area following a robbery at the same convenience store.

Robbers smashed their way into the Co-Op shop under the cover of darkness and made off with £3,000 in cigarettes.

One staff member told Belfast Daily at the time: “That is all they took – £3,000 worth of cigarettes.”

As a result, police increased nightly patrols in the area around the shop and other local businesses in an effort to thwart off further attacks.

Following the robbery, the Co-op fitted sturdier roller shutters to thwart further break-ins.


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