Massive security operation planned for G8 summit to be held at Lough Erne Hotel and Golf resort

Massive security operation in place for G8 summit to be held at Lough Erne Hotel and Golf resort next week

EXCLUSIVE: A company of British army troops are in Northern Ireland to bolster the security around the G8 summit.

Belfast Daily understands that 200 squaddies from England arrived in the province up to a fortnight ago.

They have been billeted at accommodation inside the sprawling RAF Aldergrove in Co Antrim.

A strict security order has been imposed on the soldiers while in the province until the world’s eight main economic leaders leave for their journeys home.

A security source told Belfast Daily: “The soldiers are in communicado with the rest of the world.

“They are not allowed mobile phones during their brief trip here

“Army bosses have made it a top priority that they do not discuss any operational matters with anyone, in or outside ni.

“They have been told it is because of the sensitive nature of the operation.”

Belfast Daily also understands that 800 police have been billeted at student accommodation in the grounds of the University of Ulster in Jordanstown, Co Antrim.

They have been detailed for work in Belfast for US President Barack Obama’s visit on Monday to the Waterfront Hall where he will address young people.

The police reinforcements can also be deployed for anti-G8 summit protests in Belfast on Saturday.

Security sources said police chiefs aree concerned that hard line elements may try and infiltrate Saturday’s anti-G8 march to try and cause trouble.

“There will be a large police presence in Belfast to contain any trouble that could break out. People coming to cause trouble should think again,” said a security source.

Around 8,000 police officers from the PNSI and forces throughout the UK will be on duty for the duration of the G8 summit.

One concern is that dissident republicans will carry out an attack away from the limelight of Belfast and summit venue in the Lough Erne Hotel and Golf Resort.

Hoax alerts are high on their agenda but a ‘soft target’ such as a police station or off duty police officer could also come under attack.

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