Belfast City Council launches Noise Action Week

Belfast City Council launches Noise Action Week

IT’S Noise Action Week and Belfast City Council has come up with a series of tips for reducing noise.

Living beside noisy neighbours can be unbearable, especially if the people next door don’t realise they are causing a nuisance.

Belfast City Council noise abatement officers say people can cut down on the amount of noise they make, and avoid upsetting your neighbours, by following these simple tips:

• Televisions and stereos

Keep the volume and base of televisions, radios and music players to a respectable level, especially at night. Position speakers away from neighbouring walls and make sure they are off the floor and on a stand.

• Barking dogs

Train your dog so that it doesn’t bark all through the day and night. Don’t leave your dog home alone for long periods of time or, if possible, ask someone reliable to take it for a walk. More tips are available in our dog wardens section.

• Household appliances

Avoid using noisy appliances such as vacuum cleaners and washing machines at unreasonable hours, such as early morning, and late at night.

• DIY work

Inform your neighbours if you’re planning on carrying out DIY work. Avoid drilling and sawing at unreasonable hours, such as early morning, and late at night.

• Alarms

Always have an alarm key nearby or know its exact location so that alarms can be dealt with as quickly as possible. If you’re going away, give an alarm key to a responsible neighbour so that they can switch off any false alarms.

• Parties

Consider your neighbours when you plan a party, particularly at Christmas or New Year, so that they can also enjoy their evening. Inform them in advance so they can plan ahead and set a reasonable start and finish time which your guests stick to. Ask taxis to ring the doorbell when they arrive, rather than sounding their horn, and keep noise to a minimum by moving stereos away from walls and closing doors and windows. Make sure your guests leave quickly and quietly and do not disturb your neighbours.




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