Savita Hallappanavar was denied a termination while in hospital in Republic

Savita Halappanavar was denied a termination while in hospital in Republic

THE Republic’s cabinet is expected to decide on a controversial bill on abortion later.

The bill will include the credible threat of suicide as grounds for a termination.

But a number of Fine Gael TDs have publicly stated they would have problems supporting such a bill.

These politicians, along with the Catholic Church, believe it could lead to abortion on demand.

Labour and pro-choice activists say this suggests women cannot be trusted.

Senior ministers say there will be no liberalisation.

New laws were promised following the death of Savita Halappanavar last October.

The proposed bill will not allow for terminations in cases of rape or sexual abuse, incest, foetal abnormality or where the foetus cannot survive outside the womb.

At present, at least 11 women leave the Republic of Ireland every day for an abortion in Britain.

Earlier this month, the Irish health minister said pregnant women who feel suicidal would not have to face six doctors.

It followed reports that planned abortion legislation would contain that measure.

James Reilly denied this was part of draft legislation to amend abortion laws.

Irish law prevents abortion unless there is a risk to the life, rather than the health, of the mother.











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