G8 summit to be held at Lough Erne Hotel and Golf resort in June

G8 summit to be held at Lough Erne Hotel and Golf resort in June

POLICE are to shut Lower Lough Erne will as part of security plans for the G8.

As a result, no boats will be allowed from Lock Gates at Portora to an area north of the Venue adjacent to Ross Point between 16 and 18 June while the event takes place in Co Fermanagh.

However, fishing will still be allowed along the shores.

A six kilometre fence is to be built around the Lough Erne Hotel and Golf resort to protect the world’s eight biggest leaders from protestors.

The PSNI said: “As part of our role in preparing to deliver a safe G8 event for everyone, planning has been taking place to police Lough Erne.

“This will involve implementing a marine plan, the aim of which is to deliver a safe and secure G8 while minimising disruption to users of the Lough.

Emergencies requiring the deployment of rescue vessels such as the RNLI will be facilitated.

Police will be patrolling both closure points and will help those who need help or further guidance

“There will be stand-off markers in place in advance of each closure. These are to help safeguard lough users and to protect them from damage or injury.

“It is important they everyone using the lough heeds these safety markers. The closure is legislation based and will be enforced, breaches of it will be liable for prosecution.”

Eight of the world’s most powerful leaders will attend the Lough Erne resort in Enniskillen for the two-day summit, which takes place in less than two months time.

A massive police operation including thousands of PSNI officers – plus around 3,500 extra officers from around the UK – has been organised to deal with any security threats.

Unmanned aerial drones will also be deployed.

“Local police have met with local groups to discuss the plans and have been working with partner organisations during the planning phase,” police continued.

“Meeting the ongoing needs of our community has been a key consideration and we have been working to reduce any potential inconvenience caused to users of Lough Erne.”




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