Former FAIR director Willie Frazer addresses press conference

Former FAIR director Willie Frazer addresses press conference

A new Unionist party – called the Protestant Coalition – has been launched.

Leading loyalists Willie Frazer and Jim Dowson outlined their vision at the La Mon Hotel in Castlereagh on Wednesday morning.

The two men are currently on bail awaiting trial for organising Union flag protests. Mr Frazer is further charged with possessing a Taser stun gun.

They do not intend to stand for election and the Protestant Coalition does not have an official leader.

The party said it will instead be run by a committee of people. It is not yet clear if Jamie Bryson, a spokesman for the Ulster People’s Forum has joined the Protestant Coalition. He is also on bail charged with organising Union Flag protests.

The new political movement, which says it welcomes members from all communities, is constituted for three years only.

According to its website, the Protestant Coalition was launched “in response to the utter failure of the two main unionist parties to defend the interests of our community”.

A statement added: “Never before has such a wide, varied and capable group been brought together under the one banner.

“The presentation will include talks from victims’ campaigner Willie Frazer and other leading members of the Loyalist community.

“Also included, will be a multimedia display outlining the technology, infrastructure and systems the Protestant Coalition will utilize to grow into a mainstream, nationwide political force very quickly.”

The party added: “We have been forced to initiate this party due to the complete capitulation and ineptitude of our current main unionist party leaders.

“The DUP/UUP has many good men and women within them but in all honesty they must put their country, people and religion before party politics and show our people some real leadership and backbone.

Jim Dowson also addresses press conference to launch the Protestant Coalition

Jim Dowson also addresses press conference to launch the Protestant Coalition

“The Coalition has a three year plan and if, after this, Unionism is strong, vibrant and capable of taking on the Sinn Fein political ‘war’ machine, you have our solemn promise: we will pack up and disband!

“Nothing will or can change unless the Protestan/Unionist/Loyalist (PUL) community take political action/sanctions against those who have let us all done, especially our dead.

“Not voting plays into the hands of big house Unionism.

“But a ‘protest vote’ hurts them where it counts at the ballot.

“So we appeal to everyone in our community to take this opportunity to make YOUR displeasure known by backing the Protestant Coalition and organise in your own district the modern day resistance to treachery, lies and deception, for our children’s sake.”





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