Delighted Oscar Know is carried on his dad's shoulders after getting the news there is no cancer in his body

Delighted Oscar Know is carried on his dad’s shoulders after getting the news there is no cancer in his body

BRAVE Oscar Knox has beaten off the ravages of cancer.

The four-year-old was given the news at hospital on Monday when doctors told him and his parents: We can’t find any cancer in your body.

The news has spread like wildfire across social media sights and his good new has been retweeted almost 3,000 over Twitter land.

And scores of well done messages have been pouring in from all parts of Northern Ireland and the UK at his fantastic news.

It is a far cry from last December when brave Oscar arrived home to Northern Ireland after a failed attempt at specialist treatment.

The battling four-year-old, who was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, was unable to undergo a six-month treatment in Philadephia after a problem was discovered with his heart.

His condition situation deteriorated, but he has recovered enough to make the transatlantic journey home

Posting on Twitter, his family said he had arrived back by air ambulance just after Christmas.

“Flight was good and all is well,” the family wrote on the social networking site.

They added that while they did not “get what we went out for” they were pleased to be home.

Writing on the Oscar Knox appeal blog his mother Leona said they felt “lost” but that they would continue to search for a treatment.

“We are back to the drawing board, and very much looking forward to fully assessing our new position with Oscar’s fantastic and very supportive consultant back home,” she said.

Brave Oscar Knox arriving back home in December from USA

Brave Oscar Knox arriving back home in December from USA

“We need some time to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves down, and prepare for the next step. Whatever it may be.

“As always, in the rare times that we feel deflated, we look to Oscar for courage to keep fighting.”

Oscar won the hearts of people across the world after his family set up a twitte account to update people.

The County Antrim family raised £250,000 to pay for the immunotherapy treatment.

The aim of the treatment was to clear up any neuroblastoma left in his body.

His parents said the treatment would have boosted his immune system to fight the cancer if it was ever to come back.

On Monday, Oscar got the best news he had been waiting for: there are no cancer cells in his body

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