Local chef Niall McKenna and model Tiffany Brien help launch the Brennans Wheaten Brown Bread in Northern Ireland.

Local chef Niall McKenna and model Tiffany Brien help launch the Brennans Wheaten Brown Bread in Northern Ireland.

FAMILY bread baker Brennans has formulated the recipe for the perfect Wheaten with the introduction of the Northern Ireland favourite in new resealable packaging.

Brennans Wheaten Brown Bread hit the shops in January and since then the loaves have been flying off the shelves due to its delicious, fresh, quality taste.

The popular product is also helping consumers save money on food waste due to its resealable packaging, as according to government figures, the average family in the UK wastes almost £700 of food per year.

Award-winning local chef Niall McKenna is working with the family bread brand and has certainly been impressed with the quality and freshness of Brennans Wheaten Brown Bread.

“Brennans is a great quality bread brand with a fantastic product range and I’m delighted to be working with them on the launch of their Wheaten Brown Bread,” said Niall.

He continued: “Wheaten is a very popular type of bread due not only to its delicious taste, but its versatility, as people like to experiment with toppings whether it’s smoked salmon and watercress, ham and relish or simply a touch of butter.

“With the resealable packaging on Brennans Wheaten I’m not surprised the product has been such a hit with consumers, whether they are enjoying it for breakfast, lunch or a late night snack.

“The resealable packaging not only keeps the bread fresher for longer but it cuts down on food wastage which is a massive issue in Northern Ireland at the moment,” Niall added.

Colin Todd, business development manager of Brennans Bread, said: “In the past few months since Brennans Wheaten Brown Bread was launched in Northern Ireland there has been a high demand for the product with sales exceeding our initial expectations.

“The popularity of the product is not only down to its fresh, delicious, quality taste and attractive packaging but it also represents great value for consumers and could help them save money,” he added.

Brennans Bread is one of the best known bread brands in Northern Ireland and is synonymous with freshness and quality. It has a wide variety of delicious products within its portfolio including Family Pan, Wholemeal, Batch and, most recently, Wheaten Brown Bread.

Brennans Wheaten Brown Bread is available now in most retailers throughout Northern Ireland.



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