Ice cold Coors Light is the number one selling bottle beer in Northern Ireland

Ice cold Coors Light is the number one selling bottled beer in Northern Ireland

IT’S OFFICIAL: Ice cold Coors Light is officially the number one selling bottled beer in Northern Ireland.

It follows a record year which confirmed the Molson Coors brand as the drinks industry success story of 2012.

The famous Coors Light bottle, which turns blue when it’s perfectly chilled and ready to drink, hit the top spot in the Northern Ireland on-trade last May and has held that position ever since.

Its Rocky Mountain heritage, uncompromising brewing standards and dedication to ice cold refreshment saw Coors Light bottle sales increase by 12 per cent last year in an overall Northern Ireland beer market that declined by approximately 5.2% in the on trade*.

“Coors Light has grown rapidly in popularity over the past few years and we’re delighted that it is now officially the people’s choice of bottled beers in Northern Ireland,” said Senior Brand Execution Manager Jordana Busby.

“We’ve invested heavily in the brand to bring it to life through creative marketing campaigns which encourage people to engage both online and in bars and clubs around the country. We’re delighted with its success and are confident the growth will continue,” she added.

The success of Coors Light has been supported by the brand’s hugely popular advertising campaign which famously features one of the world’s most iconic action film stars Jean Claude Van Damme.

Set in the stunning Rockies mountain range, the ‘Closest to Cold’ series of commercials features Van Damme telling stories in which no matter how hard he tries, and no matter what he’s been through in his life to date, he can’t get close to the ice cold refreshment of a Coors Light.

Now the Coors Light team has made the perfect beer bottle even better by adding a second level of cold to its bottles and cans which they have cleverly called ‘Damme Cold’. Using what’s called ‘thermochromic ink’, the famous Rocky Mountains featured on the label of the Coors Light bottles and cans turns blue when the bottle reaches a chilled temperature but now a second ‘ice cold indicator’ has been added for those who like their beer ‘Damme Cold’.

“Our campaign with Jean Claude Van Damme has undoubtedly been a huge success across Northern Ireland,” said Jordana Busby, “which supported by promotional activity in bars and off licenses around the country along with TV, outdoor and social media activity, has really generated unprecedented levels of consumer engagement.

“This year, he is continuing in his quest to get ‘Closest to Cold’ which we are supporting with TV and outdoor advertising, social media and various on and off trade marketing initiatives. We believe that all of this makes Coors Light Northern Ireland’s must-stock beer brand of 2013 and we would urge pubs, clubs, hotels and off licenses to make sure they’re not left out in the ‘Damme Cold’ this year,” she added.

It’s not just bottle sales that are on the rise as Coors Light is the fastest growing draught beer in the province.

Overall, during 2012, Coors Light contributed more than £3.3 million to the Northern Ireland on-trade, with more than four million bottles and 1.1 million pints enjoyed by NI consumers.


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