Artists impression of Mallusk waste incinerator

Artists impression of Mallusk waste incinerator

SINN Fein has launched its opposition campaign to a waste incinerator on the northern outskirts of Belfast.

The party has delivered 1,5000 leaflets in Glengormley, Co Antrim calling for the public to back their campaign to keep the £240 million waste treatment plant out of Bog Road in Mallusk.

The SDLP has also said it is opposed to the incinerator which will recycle rubbish from black in among 11 councils.

North Belfast MLA Gerry Kelly said the Sinn Fein opposition is based on “sound scientific” advice.

The leaflet states: “We are writing to ask for your support in our campaign to have the proposed incinerator in this area stopped.

“Sinn Féin have consistently opposed incineration as a method for dealing with waste across Ireland and our policy is one of ‘reuse – reduce – recycle’.

“Our opposition is founded on sound scientific, environmental and economic considerations and we will use all our political strength to have this incinerator stopped.

“We would encourage you to respond to the current consultation on this facility and have your voice heard.

“The production of harmful toxins pose health dangers, the huge volume of heavy lorries using local roads daily and associated disruption and fumes only add to our concerns for this community.

“Sound environmental evidence in the two previous unsuccessful attempts to site an incinerator at the Belfast Lough Shore and in Newtownabbey has proved to be a deciding factor in residents vocal opposition to these schemes.

“Sinn Féin will be engaging along side local people in the time ahead to challenge the spin by those proposing this incinerator that it is of benefit.

“We would very much welcome your support in this campaign and look forward to working with you to have this incinerator stopped.
















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