NIPSA boss Brian Campfield slams 'millionaires' budget'

NIPSA boss Brian Campfield slams ‘millionaires’ budget’

THE Northern Ireland Public Service Alliance (NIPSA) has attacked the threat to public sector pay in Wednesday’s budget.

General Secretary Brian Campfield said: “Our members have had years of pay freezes – real terms wage cuts – and today had the 1% limit on public sector pay confirmed for 2015/16.

“(George) Osborne has also made clear that he intends to attack the progression/incremental system.

“This comes on top of increased pension contributions imposed by this Government of millionaires – forcing workers to work longer, pay more in contributions and receive less in pension.

“The confirmation within the budget that Northern Ireland Departments will face a further extra 1% cut to their budgets also shows that the failed austerity measures will continue.

“While there will be much ‘spin’ around minor changes to personal allowances, this is put into context by the fact that, since 2010, each family in the UK has had the equivalent of £1,360 taken from them in tax and welfare changes. Furthermore, the full impact on the economy of the Coalition Government’s attack on the Welfare system has yet to take effect.”

Mr Campfield added: “In terms of the wider economic context, last year’s ‘omnishambles’ budget attracted a lot of attention but the most scandalous aspect of it only takes effect this year.

“This is that each millionaire in Britain will receive a tax cut of £42,500 a year. In addition, as a demonstration of who funds these Government extremists, at a time when the general public is disgusted at multi-national corporations not paying enough tax, Osborne confirmed that he intends to cut Corporation Tax to 20% in 2015.

“Furthermore, while he signalled that he intends to combat tax avoidance to the tune of £3bn, this is put into context by the fact that £123 billion in tax is currently avoided, evaded or unpaid in the UK.”




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