Rev Ian Paisley once called the Pope the 'Anti-Christ'

Rev Ian Paisley once called the Pope the ‘Anti-Christ’

THE former moderator of the Free Presbyterian Church says Catholic cardinals who covered up child abuse were allowed to elect the new Pope Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio.

Now Lord Bannside, Dr Paisley has greeted the election of Pope Francis with a scathing assessment of his predecessor’s reign.

Writing in today’s News Letter, the Moderator Emeritus of the Free Presbyterian Church,  reflects on Pope Benedict’s tenure saying the Catholic establishment has allowed the business of running a church to come before the spiritual needs of the faithful.

“As a Protestant of the Reformed faith I would hold to the view that the Roman church elevates its governance above faith every time,” he said.

Singling out the Vatican’s handling of the multiple child abuse scandals, Dr Paisley said: “That is why, despite the outcry of abuse victims over Cardinal Brady, Cardinal Dolan (New York), and Cardinal Mahoney (San Francisco) taking part in the conclave, the business of the church came above the faith of the church.”

Dr Paisley, who once called the Pope as the ‘Anti-Christ’,  said the Vatican was a comfortable vantage point compared to the victims of the “life-ruining abuse” suffered at the hands of Catholic church.

He added: “The cardinals who blatantly failed to address their grievance are permitted to be among the select 115 men to choose the next pope because it is business as usual.

Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio elected Pope Francis

Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio elected Pope Francis

“If evidence was needed to highlight the lack of sensitivity to the victims of abuse, it was seen in all the glory of the Sistine Chapel this week,” added Lord Bannside.


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