Homes attacked in Antrim arson attack linked to a family feud

Homes attacked in Antrim arson attack linked to a family feud

A MAN has faced a court over a family feud which led to a house been targeted in an arson attack, a court has heard on Wednesday.

A flat was also badly damaged during the unrest, during which police had to withdraw from the scene.

David Thompson has been charged with aggravated burglary with intent to inflict grievous bodily harm, resisting arrest, disorderly behaviour and two assaults on police.

The 44-year-old was allegedly among the group of people who smashed the windows in the first house.

A man, who was inside the house with his partner and children, suffered cuts to his hands and a television and a laptop were destroyed.

A prosecution lawyer said there was bad blood between the two families and a barrister for the defence suggested the animosity between the two families was linked to evidence given in a separate criminal case.

Soon after the first attack, arsonists targeted the home of Thompson’s long-term partner.

The barrister added: “That house was ransacked by a number of individuals, there were items stolen and the house was burnt to the ground.”

Thompson, of Donore Crescent, was bailed but banned from entering Antrim.

The judge acknowledged there was a “boiling discontent between two families” and decided Thompson could reside in Holywood.

He has been banned from contacting any witnesses or members of the other family.




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